Whenever someone thinks about horror, they either think of messed up individuals or supernatural monsters who want to maim, hunt, or eat people. From the very beginning of horror films, death and destruction have always been the main topic. In today’s age, there are two main types of horror movie watchers; who who think supernatural horror is scarier, and those who think realistic horror is scarier.

The supernatural horror fans tend to believe in the goodness of people. They tend to be more positive, more optimistic with their faith in humanity in place. This causes them to think realistic horror movies are stupid and not scary.

If the supernatural horror fans are not like this, it is probably because they believe in the supernatural. Whether it’s because they met a really good psychic or because they grew up in a haunted house, it doesn’t matter. The end result is always that they believe in the supernatural to some extent, even if it’s only a little bit.

The realistic horror fans tend to believe that people are either raised to be bad, naturally evil, or they learned their horribleness through other awful people. They tend to be more pessimistic or realistic, and they tend to not have a lot of faith in humanity. This causes them to believe that the serial killers, cannibals, or other messed up people in horror movies could potentially be in the real world living among us.

Personally, I am a blend of two. I find ghost horror movies terrifying because I live in a haunted house and I’m afraid that if I watch one in my house, I’ll give myself a heart attack from being too scared. I also find realistic horror movies terrifying because my father, if he were a violent person, could have reacted similarly to the antagonist in a horror movie.


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