Two lesbians, Character A and Character B, meet and go out on a date. They both seem relatively normal, but Character B lives in the woods outside of town. Character A doesn’t think anything of it and thinks that Character B is really sweet.

Character A starts to see black figures following her or standing outside of her apartment building at night. She stops sleeping and begins becoming paranoid that she’s being followed. Character B tells her that everything’s okay and if she is really that scared that she can move in with her. Character A agrees and moves in without thinking about it.

Character B lives in an unusually large/dark house for “one person”, but Character A doesn’t question in because of how glad she is to be away from her creepy apartment. Character B slowly tricks Character A into quitting her job stop contacting the outside world at all.

Character A keeps on seeing black figures around Character B’s home and outside through windows which pushes her into agoraphobia. She stops going into town and stops ever going outside.

Character B tells Character A that she’s going to have some friends from “out of town” come have dinner and spend the night, and Character A is a little skeptical but agrees anyway. Character B drugs Character A before dinner and Character A passes out. She wakes up chained to the long table in the dining area.

Character A finds Character B in the crowd of creepily black clad people (who secretly live in the house and were told to follow Character A) and tries to get Character B to let her loose. Character B instead climbs up onto the table and says, “Let’s give them a show, baby.”

Character A figures that Character B is an exhibitionist and will let her go if they fool around in front of the creepy crowd, which is getting impatient and fidgety. After Character B plays around with Character A a bit she plucks out Character A’s eyeball and eats it. Then she calls over the rest of the creepy crowd to Character A and they start eating her too.

At the end Character B leans into Character A’s ear and says, “Next time, I’ll draw this out a bit longer. Who knew I would enjoy eating out so much?”

The last scene cuts to the basement where Character B puts the remains of Character A in a small open coffin. There are other coffins filled with bones with names on them and a wall with a list of names which shows a picture of the next person they are going to lure in and eat.

This idea is actually based off of a short story that I wrote in high school.



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