Throughout goal history there have been different types of communist societies. The two biggest examples are of communist Russian and North Korea, both of which are considered ‘enemies’ of the United States. What many people in the US do not understand is that a communist society could work, if it were in the right conditions. The most important thing would be that their ruler would have to be truly selfless and would only want what is best for their nation.

In a communist society, everything is supposed to be equal for all members of their country, but that is realistically impossible. Elitists, government officials, and the upper class always keep most of the nations’ wealth and the “trickle down effect” ends up completely useless because it’s not happening.

If a ruler, unlike Fidel Castro and Stalin, wants to do what is “fair” for everyone in their society, they need to stop the massive gap between classes. If they end up wanting to keep the classes, make it so that each class is closer in wealth and opportunities. This makes it so that the classes practically blend together, hence making it “fairer” for each individual.

In the real world, this could never happen. Power goes to people’s heads, and those in charge want to keep the wealth to themselves. This has been proven time and time again throughout history, and it will likely always occur because people have flaws, and that is something that will never change.


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