What many people do not understand is that Republican and Democratic ideals have vastly changed since President Lincoln’s time. In the early to mid 1800’s, Lincoln can even be seen calling himself “an old line Henry Clay Whig,” which basically means that he was very pro-government. This can be seen in Lincoln’s signing of  the Morrill Land-Grant Acts and the Homestead Act of 1860, both of which were considered “highly progressive legislation” at its time (Jay Verkuilen).

Another way Lincoln can be seen to have “modern Democratic” views is through his passing of the first federal tax in 1861. Modern Republicans, on the other hand, push for fewer and lower taxes. Modern Republicans also dislike presidents (aka, Obama) who “abuse presidential power.” They would have disliked Lincoln even more, because he is the “the most activist President in history” according to the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/lincoln-modern-gop-republicans_us_56bdea90e4b0b40245c61bb5)

Other than Lincoln being disappointed in the modern Republican party, I believe that he would be fascinated by the technology used in the military today. He served in the military as a captain, and I think he would like how new technology has been added to our military. (“What Would Lincoln Say If He Were Alive Today?” By Sergio Castro)

I also believe that Lincoln would be disappointed at Donald Trump for wanting to destroy the pines and Native American reservations out west for the Alaskan pipeline. Lincoln was the president to establish Yosemite Valley, and I believe that he would be disappointed in our nation for not taking better care of our shared environment. (The Top 10 Greenest Presidents in U.S. History)


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