As an artist, and a writer, I get very frustrated when I hear people say that, “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” but for very different reasons.

The artist’s side of myself will spend days working on a single piece and will literally make my anxiety spike over the course of praying that my work will end up half as good as I want it to. While making an extremely detailed story board for a short story for my Creative Writing class in high school, I created six pages of art to visualize my 2160 word story. If I divide that number by six, I get 360 words per picture.

I spent roughly a week and a half non-stop drawing, and erasing, and perfecting my pictures for that project, and the idea that all of the time and effort went into only 360 words an image is sort of degrading.

The writer’s side of myself looks at this same story through a different perspective. I spent a month working on the story that I spent only a week and a half drawing out. I had eight different drafts that I had edited, rewrote, reedited, and rewrote over and over again. I had ten different people look over the story to tell me what I could correct and make better.

As a writer, I was frustrated that everyone liked my art better than my actual story. I felt betrayed, especially considering how this was a writing class, not an art class.

As an artist, having the story board explain my story like a comic was a relief. My class loved my art, and my teacher enjoyed how I had designed the scenes, used colour, and used metaphor through art to show who was alive, who was dead, and the one character who was on the brink of death.



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